Stormwater Credit Program

To learn about our stormwater credit program, please download and review the Stormwater Credit Manual.

Residential property owners interested in the stormwater credit program will need to meet certain requirements and maintain their stormwater systems. By doing so, their stormwater charges will be reduced to the next lower tier level, and those in Residential Tier 1 will receive a 50% reduction. 

Non-residential property owners interested in the stormwater credit program may reduce their stormwater charges by up to 60% by meeting the City of Pittsburgh’s 2019 development standards or up to 45% when the 2016 development standards are met. 

If you have general questions about the credit program, please email

How to Apply for a Stormwater Credit

To apply for a credit on your stormwater bill, please complete and submit the webform below. Before starting webform, you may want to review the full paper application to see what information and supporting documentation you will need to complete the webform. 

Alternatively, you can print out the paper application and email the completed form with supporting documentation to

We will evaluate the application to determine if the stormwater control action qualifies for a credit, then notify the applicant by letter and/or email.