An open fire hydrant

PWSA’s Operations team works around the clock to keep our essential water and sewer infrastructure in constant working order. Each day, they are in Pittsburgh’s many neighborhoods to inspect, maintain and repair water and sewer pipes and perform necessary, routine tasks that are essential for maintaining water quality and distributing safe drinking water to homes and businesses.

In 2022, our Operations team met its annual regulatory performance commitment to inspect and flush a third of our fire hydrants months ahead of schedule. This is important to maintain proper flow and pressure in our water distribution system while also helping to remove sediment to maintain water quality. Operations also exercised more than 5,000 valves across our service area.

In addition to scheduled maintenance, our field crews perform critical tasks such as repairing water main breaks and unclogging storm drains while those working at the Water Treatment Plant and in our accredited lab treat and monitor water as it moves through the treatment process, and perform thousands of water quality tests each month.

If you see any of our crews in your neighborhood performing this essential work, please be sure to say hello or ask them more about the work they’re doing. After all, we’re here to serve you.